Sermons from May 2016

May 29 2016; God’s Word in Your Life

Wisdom Protects our Paths – Proverbs 2 God’s commands to his own. Verses 1-9 Gods care for his own. Verses 10-22 Wisdom Directs our Paths – Proverbs 3 Listen to the Word. Verses 1-4 Obey the Word. Verses 5-10 Submit to the Word. Verses 11-12 Treasure the Word. Verses 13-26 Wisdom Perfects Our Paths – […]

May 22 2016; Romance of Redemption

1. Background 2. Kinsman redeemer needs three things. a) R__________ b) R__________  ___  _________ c) W_________ 3. Problem: She is poor. a) Has to pay her D_________ b) Have C__________ c) One C_________ 4. Jesus is our R__________ a) is He O__________  O__________  U_________ b) Does He have the R__________ c) Is He W__________ 5. […]

May 15 2016; The Church Leaving

I.  Revelation 2 & 3 gives the History of the Church a. Seven Churches b. What happens to the church in Chapter 4?  (It is Gone.) c. Those left so-called church that continues is just one organization II.  Revelation 6 – Judgments Begins a. The True church is gone home.  1 Thes. 1:10 b. Chapter […]